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Sometimes it is windy in Tucson!  This page will be for our relaxation, things to do, where to eat out, and even recipes to use at guest homes that you may be staying short term!  It is an ongoing project Page!

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Let's talk about Dogs and Guest Homes

We love dogs and so do you! Under 30# is desirable.  

Be mindful that if we allow you to bring your pets that certain things with Guest Homes are very important.  One is if your dog is a longhair, and probably sheds, you will need to bring along a brush, and use it to groom your dog regularly, meaning daily.   

Pick up all poop and dispose in the provided bucked every time!   Always carry doggie poop bags with you when you walk your dog.  The neighborhoods where we have Guest Homes are all very nice and clean, and your neighbors will appreciate you keeping it that way!

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